Concussion Management

Your Physio has partnered with Complete Concussion Management Inc. to provide world’s best practice in the management of concussion.

Concussion has become a significant problem in the sporting world. But it is not restricted to sport. Concussion is also prevalent in motor vehicle accidents and even everyday accidents. In the past, we thought rest was the cure, but we now know otherwise.

We provide the most complete management available, from baseline testing through to chronic post-concussion treatment.

Our baseline testing is not just an online memory test. Our testing procedure provides a complete formulation of cognitive, balance, reaction and physical fitness. This then gives us the most accurate return to sport decision. For most sports, a baseline test should be performed annually.

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Most recent research indicates that rest is not the answer to recovery either. Early intervention and guided exercises speed up recovery.

Our treatment covers everything from headache treatment, vision therapy, diet and vestibular therapy.

As part of this worldwide network, all results are logged to further improve our research. We are obligated to provide you with the most up-to-date research and treatment.
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