Pain Management

Pain management can mean unfixable problems or may refer to injuries which require a long term or ‘holistic’ approach to rehabilitation. Unfortunately, there are some instances where we need to admit we cannot fix a problem for good. This may be especially significant for the ageing population with conditions such as arthritis. We keep up to date with the latest progressin such conditions and how to provide treatment or relief for our patients.

Alternatively, there are some injury situations which may be difficult or long term.Motor Vehicle Accidents (whiplash) may be such an example.

Traumatic injuries are shown to respond to therapy along with physical training. We provide these services and are quite happy to liaise with gyms and personal trainers to provide the ultimate in rehabilitation. Most gyms are even happy for us to see you at their premises.

Leave the paperwork to us. We can refer to appropriate legal options and the insurance companies appreciate our ethos to return you to pre-accident condition. Like Workcover,it is much easier if you have put in your claim and know the details of your claim manager.

If you provide us with such details early, we can charge the insurer, not you.

How can we help you manage your pain?

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The earlier you get treatment, the better the long-term results. We are RESULT driven.We have good relationships with insurers and Solicitors to get you the best results. We alsohave relationships with the whiplash clinic at the University of Queensland.