Work Injuries

Do you work for a large firm with high Workcover costs?

Many companies benefit with substantial Workcover cost reductions by providing in-house physiotherapy for employees. Get onto your company’s Workcover manager to discuss howwe can assist with both treatment and physical training programs.

It is a fact of life that accidents happen. Many such accidents happen at the workplace. YourPhysio is happy to provide your treatment needs under Workcover. This is especially helpfulif your injury does not allow you to drive or get to a clinic.

Do you work for a large firm with high Workcover costs?

How can we help with your work injury?

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No Gap

We don’t charge a gap over the Workcover charge.

As with any injury, our aim is to get you back to full function as quickly as possible. There are, however, rules with Workcover which need to be followed.

You must report your injury to your Workcover co-ordinator at work.

You must see your doctor and obtain a referral.

Your first 5 treatments are covered, no question.

Further treatments need prior approval. This is our responsibility, but it is made MUCH easier if your claim is in and you know your claim manager’s name at Workcover.

Some larger companies are “self insured”. There is really no difference in the procedure, except that your company’s co-ordinator will be your Workcover manager. Comcare is the worker’s compensation scheme for federal government related companies, such as theFederal Police and Australia Post.

You need to knowif Comcare isyour insurer.

You must stillreport your injury.

You must still getyour GP referral.

From there,the paperworkis up to us.